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Your Perfect Size of Lawn Mower.

A lawnmower is a machine that uses a blade to cut or trim grass into an even height. There are several factors to consider when choosing a lawnmower, but we will focus on the size and how to ensure you pick the right size in this article.

Classifications of lawnmowers depending on size.

Riding lawn mowers- perfect for big mowing jobs. Push lawn mowers- perfect for small lawns.

Benefits of Picking the Right Size of a Lawnmower.

The right size reduces the amount of time required.

The perfect size of the lawnmower eases the job.

It enables you to cut the grass evenly.

The right size of lawnmower makes it possible to power through obstacles.

The right size of mower enables you to carry out the task comfortably without struggle regardless of your physical fitness.

To determine the right size of mower for your lawn requires you to do the following.

Measure the size of your lawn.

Understand which features are vital when buying a mower.

Decide whether you need a gas or electric-powered, or commercial mower, Consider your budget.

Cutting width.

Factors That Affect Lawnmower Size.

The Lawn Size and Obstacles When Mowing.


The obstacles include trees, floral beds, hills, steep incline, edges, hedges, pet houses, furniture, etc. Make sure you are conversant with any obstacles you are likely to encounter on your lawn while mowing. Awareness of these obstacles leads you to a decision you will not regret. The size of the yard is an essential aspect in determining what size of lawn mower you need.

The perfect lawnmower for a lawn smaller than one-acre is the push or robotic. The push lawn mower is a small cylinder that you push along with physical energy. If you are working on a flat lawn that does not have turns and obstructions, a reel mower and an inexpensive one will work. 40-60 inch cutting deck is best for loans bigger than half an acre.

A reel mower does not require anything to propel it, and it has no engine. You push it physically. For the above one-acre lawns, the riding and ZTR lawnmowers are perfect. If the yard you are working on is steep, has bumps and inclines, you need a commercial mower from Cub Cadet. 30-42 inches riding lawnmower is the best for one to three acres lawn, 42-54 zero turn mower for three to five acres, and finally 42-61 zero turn mower for five and above five-acre yards.

To measure the size of your lawn:

Use a tape measure and run it across along the deck’s top from the front to the back.

Multiply the numbers you get by two.

Measure the blade diagonally to get the cutting edge.

Cutting Width.

The cutting width determines the amount of grass that a mower can cut in one pass. If a mower has a large cutting width, the time spent in mowing is lesser. Small gardens need machines with thirty centimeters cutting width, medium gardens thirty-five to forty centimeters, and extensive gardens require forty centimeters or more significant—the more excellent the cutting width, the lesser the maneuverability.


Maneuverability refers to the ability to move directly and with ease while in motion. Mowers should be light to float on their air cushions. Large-sized mowers have less maneuverability because of their large cutting width.


Moving upwards always or slopey and bumpy terrains require riding a lawn mower because of the larger back wheels and great power.

Physical Fitness.

If you are not physically healthy, you need a mower that propels itself, so you do not have to push. It is also necessary to take note of your age and the weather under which you are mowing.

Type of Grass on Your Lawn.

Ensure you know your grass well, and you have its height and thickness. The longer and thicker the grass, the more powerful a lawnmower should be and with thicker blades.