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Tips and Tools to Preserve your Red Wine at Home


We do not want you to have problems storing red wines; that’s why we have put together a few tips and tools from our observations. Red wines are the most preferred of wines, and this is because it has higher health benefits than white wines.

However, after you have bought some bottles of wine, wouldn’t you mind having them chilled? You can get the best wine coolers uk as your surest bet. Wine coolers aren’t as expensive as the wine cellar and so can be a very good replacement for you if you are short of cash or on a budget.

When you uncork that bottle of red wine, oxygen entry is on a high, reducing the quality and taste of the wine. However, this can be controlled under the ideal temperature for red wines, and wine can be stored for up to a week after opening.

Here are a few tips and tools combined for your red wine storage need:

1. Maintain the temperature

Temperature is an important factor to consider when storing any kind of wine. Red wines should not be stored between temperatures of 58-66°F. A temperature above that can cause the wine to freeze. Storage temperature must be stable for your red wines because fluctuations can lead to expansion and contraction of the wine cork.

2. Store red wine bottles horizontally

Most bottles of red wine are covered with wooden corks. These wooden corks must be moist. Unless you have opened the bottle of wine, you should store it horizontally in a wine rack.

3. Store wine in a wine fridge, not the kitchen-regular fridge

The temperature in the wine cooler is colder than in the regular fridge. And yes, red wines cannot be properly stored under that condition. While white wines can be stored under such conditions, red wines cannot.

If you do not have a wine fridge yet, you can manage your kitchen fridge to store wine for a few weeks before drinking. But be sure that you cannot compare the satisfaction that a wine cooler would give you. In addition, vibrations in the fridge are not healthy for your wines as they can agitate your wine and ruin it.

4. Store opened bottles of wine carefully

Understanding that wines do not have an equal shelf life. Wines can expire. The more time you store your wine, the more it loses its value. Recork bottles of wine tightly after opening. If the cork has been splintered or discarded, you can go for a wine vacuum pump.

This wine vacuum pump has two types: Vacuum Pump Wine Preserver and Inert Wine Gas Preserver. The vacuum pump wine preserver is more affordable than the inert wine gas preserver. You should see how they work.


Red wines aren’t more fragile than white wines, but because almost everyone likes to indulge in red wine more than white wines, a list of helpful tools and tips has been made for you. Red wines are fascinating. You should learn about combinations to try out with your well-chilled glass of red wine.