Spotless Kitchen: 8 Important Reasons to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your house. For one, your stock and prepare your food here. That is why it is necessary thing to get down deep and scrub your kitchen to maintain its cleanliness.

Keeping your kitchen clean is important to keep food safe, as bacteria can grow and spread here. Keeping it clean, including the utensils, cookware, and even the chopping boards you use is very essential because they are the first one that touches the food you are going to eat. And if it’s not properly clean, bacteria could spread to food and make you ill.

That said, we have listed down eight reasons to make your kitchen clean and spotless:

1.For your safety

Cooking is fun, yet safety is a priority.

There are pieces of equipment and hazards that can cause danger in our kitchen like knives, open fire by the oven, spills, electrical appliances, and even bacteria. That is why knowing the basic rules of safety in our kitchen is a must.

To prevent accidents and serious injuries, we have to be fully aware of our workplace. Knives must be stored properly and out of reach of the children. Keep a fire extinguisher or fire blanket within reach whenever it is necessary to use.

Wipe spills immediately to keep the floor dry so that no one slips and falls. And always maintain your kitchen clean and sanitized to avoid bacteria build-up.

2.To save more time

It is, for a fact that the more you create a delicious meal for your family, the more your kitchen needs to be cleaned.

Time is precious, it’s a commodity no one can buy more of. So, if you find yourself scrubbing dirt for hours, then it’s time for you to find a way to maintain your kitchen area with minimal effort.

Luckily, cleaning is a routine where you can easily adjust to save time and improve efficiency. And the easiest way to save more time is to do the same routine every day, make cleaning a habit ‒ which is also something we tell our clients at Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago.

Give it a week or two. Sooner or later, you’ll get fully adjusted and you will find yourself dealing with the same problem in a shorter period of time.

3.To keep pests away

Usually, the kitchen has always been a gathering place in our house. However, some unwelcomed visitors gather in the place where we store, cook, and eat our food ‒ pests.

Cockroaches, rats, and fruit flies can easily find their way to our kitchen contaminating foods, spreading bacteria, ruining a “sacred” space in our home.

Good thing, it only takes a little initiative to prevent them. We have to store foods in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly. We also have to wipe any crumbs and spills immediately to avoid alluring the pests.

If you still can’t prevent the pests from coming back, then it’s time for you to call pest control management.

4.Reduce allergy triggers

Some common allergens that can be found in our kitchen are dust mites, insect droppings, pollen, pet dander, and molds. And if the cleaning hasn’t been done for quite a while, dust and other allergens build up.

That’s why it is very important to clean our kitchen regularly and correctly. Sanitizing our kitchen after removing unwanted dirt is very essential to reduce any unseen organisms, such as bacteria, that cause allergy.

If commercial cleaning products tend to irritate your skin, you can opt to use eco-friendly or homemade cleaners. This includes distilled white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda.

5.Items are easy to find

It’s hard to do the tasks you want, especially when you can’t find the things you need so you can work.

It often happens in our kitchen. Sometimes you find it difficult to see some cookware and even utensils. That is why it is very important to keep our kitchen as organized as possible.

We have to make some simple yet creative organizations in our kitchen to make things easy to find. One way to do that is to organize each item based on tasks.

6.Prevents foodborne illness

When it comes to safe food handling, everything that comes in contact with food must be kept clean all the time. Moreso our kitchen where food usually goes first.

All food that is mishandled can lead to foodborne illness, and cleanliness is a major factor in preventing it.

Everything that touches food should be clean. Countertops and other surfaces, even the faucets, must be kept clean. This includes your cutting boards.

Bacteria are everywhere but keeping everything that comes in contact with food clean may save lives, especially yours and your family’s.

7.To save money

Keeping your kitchen clean can help you save money.

By making your kitchen well-organized, you will easily know which item you need to prioritize in buying.

You can also save money by creating your homemade cleaners. For example, lemon.

Lemon is so multi-functional. They are excellent to have on hand for tough cleaning jobs. Its acid helps remove greases and grimes that accumulate on your countertops, as well as on your cookware.

It does not only clean your kitchen, but it will also sanitize and leave a wonderful smell in your kitchen.

8.To leave a lasting impression

I’m sure that you’re familiar with the phrase “first impression lasts.”

There is always one thing that sticks with you, whether if it’s a person or a place. It can be his or her personality or the ambiance of the place.

Well, this phrase applies to our kitchen, too.

The good and lasting impression will keep your guests coming back for simple get-togethers and memorable parties. The overall appearance of your home will reflect your personality, as well.

So, keeping it clean and organized, especially the kitchen, determines how much you take care of the small area in your house.


The kitchen is the heart of the house. This is the area in our home where we usually have our good times with our friends and loved ones ‒ and cleaning it swallows our free time.

Nonetheless, we still need to keep it clean for our safety. We can avoid ourselves or other people in our house from slipping.

Secondly, cleaning is never far from organizing. An organized kitchen may help you put stuff in place and with that, it will also make some items in your kitchen easy to find. Thus, easy to access.

Thirdly, sanitation. Removing the crumbs and wiping the spills is not enough to make your kitchen clean. It is very important to sanitize your kitchen to kill or at least reduce the bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. We should also deep clean the cookware, utensils and even the cutting board we are using for this is where the food makes its first contact.

And lastly, we need to clean our kitchen to give a lasting impression to anyone who’s visiting our home.